a. Detailed Engineering for technological units (based on know how / technology of reputed foreign Suppliers) –
1. Non Recovery Coke Oven
Coke Oven with BPP
Sinter Plant
Blast Furnace
Benciation Plant
Pallet Plant
Lime Calcinations Plant
Pulverized Coal dust injection into Blast Furnace & Oxygen enrichment
Coke Oven Effluent Treatment & Zero Liquid Discharge Plant
Plant General Lay Out, Road and Drainage
SMS (Induction Furnace, Electric Arc Furnace, Convertor, Caster)
SMS Slag Atomization & Crushing Plant
Mill Scale Briquetting Plant
Oxygen Plant
Sponge Iron plant.
Power Plant

b. Basic & Detailed engineering for services

Plant General Layout, Road and Drainage
Inter Plant Gas pipelines (for gases like BF, CO, Convertor, Compressed air, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Steam etc) Gas Mixing , Gas Boosting stations , Boiler house etc .
IBR related engineering drawings & documents for Low Pressure & High Pressure Steam pipe lines.
Water Supply system including inter plant water pipe lines, Raw Water treatment pump house, Fire Fighting Pump House etc.
Central Raw Material handling System with Railway Siding, Wagon tippler & Stackers/ reclaimers
Conveyorisation System for transportation of materials and EOT Cranes & Hoists
Structural, including structural fabrication drawings
Electrical - MRS. H.T., L.T. Sub-Stations and Plant Power Distribution system
Instrumentation, Automation & Automation.
Environment Engineering & Pollution control
Air-Conditioning & Ventilation
Environment EngRefractoryineering



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